Sustainability 360º

Fiora is committed to respect for and protection of human rights and the environment throughout its value chain.

As a result of this philosophy, Fiora adopted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to make all its products and business financially, socially and environmentally sustainable.

Team Fiora and social well-being

Promotion and creation of employment.

Promotion of employment and collective relations.

Personnel protection, health and safety.

Occupational protection and risk plan.

Personal, family and work-life balance.

Eco-design and optimisation

Sustainable design inspired by nature and its textures.

Minimal environmental impact throughout the product life cycle.

Optimisation of resources and energy used in the manufacture of each product.

Sustainable packing and packaging. Protocol in process to implement a new more ecological and sustainable packaging.

Fiora Patents

Silexpol: The material we use to make many of our products is registered as sustainable and is composed mainly of natural mineral loads, ensuring that it is a healthy material.

Nanobath: Fiora adds Nanobath to its products, a sustainable technology based on the application of nanotechnology to our products to improve their hygienic properties.

Nanobath technology adds fungicide, antibacterial and hydrophobic properties.

Production efficiency

Production efficiency from the raw material to the end product, respecting the rights of the people involved in the processes.

Minimised environmental impact.

Reduction of energy expenditure at our plant.

We prioritise collaboration with local and national suppliers, enabling us to improve sustainability in transport and to boost the local economy.

Waste recycling

We regularly evaluate our suppliers’ commitment to environmental management.

We manage our waste with authorised managers who are committed to the environment.

We provide recycling points at our centres for better waste sorting.



Certified quality management system for our products and services that ensures a high standard throughout the entire production chain.


We have implemented a certified environmental management system, which is the result of our commitment to protecting the environment through environmental risk management, with accredited work on sustainability and control of the impact on the environment of our activities, services and products.