Shower tray revolution

Endless possibilities to create a unique space
Textures, colours and emotions


Pioneers in Silexpol®

At Fiora, we are pioneers in the manufacture of shower trays made from Silexpol®, a material developed through extensive research and following registered processes of maximum sustainability.
Its main component is polyurethane resin, a material of higher quality, resistance, durability and elasticity than others. Its impact resistance and its resistance to bending, make it hard and resistant to breakage. In addition, Silexpol® is an anti-slip, clean and hygienic material.

Silexpol® advantages

20% less than that of a shower tray of the same thickness made of polyester resin.

Finishings and looks
Visually matte finish and colour, with edges finished in the same colour and texture as the tray.

Thanks to the Nanobath technology patented by Fiora, our trays have unique hygienic qualities, with surfaces that are easy to clean and decontaminated.

Anti-slip surface, provided by the texture and material used. Being a matte surface, its anti-slip capacity is increased, effectively preventing the slip hazard.

Nanobath® technology

Our shower trays feature Nanobath® technology patented by Fiora.
This technology improves the hygiene performance of our products by providing them with fungicidal, antibacterial and hydrophobic properties.
As a result, the shower trays are not only easy to clean, but also actively help to keep surfaces clean and decontaminated.

Possibility of cutting to size

Choose a model from all the Fiora collections and the great variety of measures available.
Depending on the desired model, you can cut it lengthwise or widthwise, it can be cut up to three times to adapt to spaces such as columns or projections.

With or without frame

Choose the model that best suits your needs, extraflat, without perimeter frame or with frame.
Depending on the selected model, you will have the option to add a perimeter frame to the shower tray.

Colours on demand

Unique wide range of colours to choose and combine for your bathroom space.
We offer a colour palette resulting from a careful chromatic study. Nine standard colours and infinite possibilities with the possibility of using custom RAL colours.
Unify the colour of the tray with the rest of the space creating a special and harmonious ambience.

Unique textures

Textures with identity and personality that are the essence of our designs.
We create delicate and unique textures in all our designs, creating a dialogue between material and light, finishings and spaces, providing a unique tactile dimension to each surface.

Innovation, quality and environmental management


Innovation and quality form part of our DNA. That is why we continue to work under the parameters of ISO 9001 (since 2006) which certifies the requirements for an excellent Quality Management System for our products.
At Fiora, we are firmly convinced that we must continue to work under the indicators of continuous improvement in environmental management as a commitment to society and the world around us (ISO 14001, certified for Excellence in Environmental Management since 2007).