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    The Quality and Environmental Policy of FIORA BATH COLLECTIONS is based on the recognition that, in order to manufacture and sell products and services that ensure the long-term profitability of the Company, the level of demand for quality is defined by the market. This assessment is the ultimate criterion for the design, planning and development of the manufacture and delivery of our products and services.


    To more than meet the customer’s quality expectations is the most important prerequisite for the success of our company. This principle guides not only the relations with our external customers, but also the way of working of every single member of FIORA BATH COLLECTIONS. All within the framework of our unequivocal commitment to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.


    In short, we have to ensure that this principle, together with minimising or eliminating the environmental impact of our processes, is increasingly assumed by all those who make up the Company, so that the commitment that Quality and the Environment is everyone’s business becomes habitual behaviour, with an open and positive attitude towards continuous improvement.


    To this end, and so that the Quality and Environmental Policy is known and understood by everyone in the company, the Management will issue a document detailing this policy. This document, included in Annex 1 of the Quality and Environment Manual, will be disseminated and placed in visible places in the Company, as well as periodically reviewed.


    FIORA BATH COLLECTIONS establishes the following guidelines to achieve its objective:


    – Quality and respect for the environment come first.

    – Orientation towards the satisfaction of our external and internal customers.

    – Prevention is the best way to provide a quality service and minimise environmental impact.

    – The participation of all employees is essential to achieve our objectives.

    – Increasing staff qualification through training.

    – Continuous improvement is essential for the success of our company.