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    As a leading company in the shower trays and bathroom furniture sector, the life, physical integrity and health of workers are rights whose protection must be a constant part of the daily work of all those who work at FIORA.


    As we consider people to be the most important asset of our company, it is the objective of the Company Management to establish a preventive policy that moves towards a model of scientific, integral, integrated and participative prevention.


    Based on the commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks, and bearing in mind that accidents, incidents and occupational diseases can and should be avoided, the company aims to achieve a high level of occupational health and safety, not only by complying with the relevant legislation and other requirements that we subscribe to, but also by taking action to raise the level of protection of workers to the level required by law, if necessary.


    This commitment will be clearly expressed and will be one of the essential objectives set out in the company’s general policy, as well as promoting continuous improvement. The line of command will assume and promote the integration of safety in the production process, establishing as a basic principle that the best productivity is achieved with the greatest safety, as it must not be forgotten that the conservation of material and human resources is a fundamental element in reducing costs.


    In order to promote safe conduct in the activities carried out, workers shall be provided with all existing information on the risks inherent to their work, as well as the necessary training on the means and measures to be adopted for their correct prevention.
    Likewise, the consultation and participation of all workers in matters related to the prevention of risks at work will be promoted, as they are the ones who have the most in-depth knowledge of the details of the tasks they carry out, and are therefore the best placed to contribute ideas on the safest way to carry them out.


    The company shall be committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health, with emphasis on hygiene and safety, due to exposure to chemical agents and handling of machines and loads to which workers may be exposed.


    In order to achieve all these goals, the necessary resources shall be allocated and their use shall be planned appropriately.