An easy-to-install electric radiator that offers the ideal alternative for spaces that do not have water installations. Vulcano has towel rail options and is available in 6 textures and 9 colours that match Fiora’s shower trays and furniture for a perfect harmony of tone in interior design.


Height: 120/150/180 cm
Width: 50 cm
Thickness: 2.6 cm +/-

Additional information


Transforms electrical energy into heat.
IP42 protection grade.
Frequency 50/60 HZ.
Voltage 230V.
Manual and programmable operation.
The radiator belongs to class II, so it does not need to be grounded.
The radiators come in three sizes, there is no option for special sizes.
When installing, look for a location close to a power outlet.
When the heating appliance is to be installed, the switches and other controls must not be touched by a person in the bathroom or shower.
The power cable is 1500 mm long.
When installing, the national regulations of each country must be consulted for determining the minimum distances from wet areas.
Ultraviolet protection (UV).
Easily repairable.
The radiator should be placed using only the supports provided.
The radiators are available with the following power ratings:
Dimensions (mm) 1200/1500/1800
Power (W) 575/700/800


Fittings and pieces for installation.
Graphic installation instructions.
Warranty certificate and declaration of the performance.


Individual and highly resistant.
Cardboard box with a plywood perimeter frame and
cardboard covers.
Made according to the dimensions of the radiator.


Up to two chrome-plated brass towel rails can be fitted to each radiator, attached by means of two screws on the back of the radiator:
– Towel rail option on the left / right.

Electrical connection:
– pilot wire.


Body: Silexpol® (mixture of polyurethane resin, silica and other
Mounting system: Galvanized steel.
Structure: metal, galvanized and lacquered steel guides.


Drill holes in the wall to match the holes in the support. Screw the support to the wall.
The radiator must be placed level horizontally.
In order to avoid damage, when mounting the radiator, make sure that the probe cable and the main cable are not trapped between the supports.
Place the pin between the two parts of the support.
Placement in niches or under shelves causes a reduction in the heat output.