A bathroom radiator with clean-looking hydraulic technology and our distinctive textured finish. Celsius has towel rail options and is available in 6 textures and 9 colours that match Fiora’s shower trays and furniture for a perfect combination of tone.


Width: 54 cm
Length: 122/152/182 cm

Additional information


The radiators come in three sizes, there is no option for special sizes.
When installing, the national regulations of each country must be consulted for determining the minimum distances from wet areas.
Ultraviolet protection (UV).
Easily repairable.
The radiator should be placed using only the supports provided.
The radiators are available with the following power ratings:
Dimensions (mm) 1220/1520/1820
Power (W) 1003/1258/1505


Individual and highly resistant.
Cardboard box with a plywood perimeter frame and
cardboard covers.
Made according to the dimensions of the radiator.


Up to two chrome-plated brass towel rails can be fitted to each radiator.


Body: Silexpol® (mixture of polyurethane resin, silica and other
Mounting system: Galvanized steel.