Polyurethane wall covering panels that reproduce the different textures and colours of Fiora’s portfolio. Skin Panels are designed to give a material appearance to the space in conjunction with the brand’s shower trays and furniture. They are ideal for partial refurbishments that involve replacing the bathtub with a shower, but also for the aesthetic and technical renovation of a space. Available in 6 textures and 9 different colours. The panels are finished manually so that the measurements can be adjusted to each project.


Width: from 70 to 100 cm
Height: 240 cm

Additional information


Can be cut to measure.
The vertical panels are joined by a split pin.
They are installed without aluminium profiles or trims.
The vertical panels can be cut in width and height.
The texture pattern does not continue between two consecutive panels.
Their thickness allows them to be flexible in order to adapt to irregularities in the walls.
100% waterproof, no membrane required.
Easy installation with silicone, polyurethane putty or MS.
Ultraviolet protection (UV).
Easily repairable.


Tiling panel.
Installation instructions.
Warranty certificate and declaration of performance.
Joining split pin (if applicable).


Individual and highly resistant.
Large panels are shipped in boxes with a plywood perimeter frame and cardboard covers.


The panels can be installed not only in bathrooms but also in other rooms such as bedrooms or living rooms.
Fiora recommends a silicone colour for each different panel. The customer can choose a different colour than the recommended one.
Coloured silicone (MASI): Available in 0P, 0T, 22T, 31T, 36T, 37T, 40M, 41M, 40T.
Fast polyurethane putty (MARAPI).


Panel: Silexpol® (mixture of polyurethane resin, silica and other minerals).


The gluing and/or sealing of the different elements should be done using a silicon type sealant. Never with white cement or adhesive cement.

Types of edges and joints:
Straight edges (made on the panels that must be flush with the tiles).
Split pin (180º panel union).
Finished edges (on the visible edges).
Expansion joint, it is recommended to leave 5 mm between the shower tray and the wall to allow for possible expansion, filled with a silicone cord.


Technical data sheet
Assembly instructions