Industrial precision and artisanal care are the values we reflect in our work.

Fiora combines their passion for innovation and their inclination for a work where details are at the centre. Day after day, their will to create new solutions drives us to observe, experiment and attain something different. In essence, something special. The development of designs, textures and colours is an essential part of our design processes. Their creative and technical teams work together to create products adapted to present and future needs, new and delicate finishings and a colour palette resulting from a detailed chromatic study.


To create bathroom spaces, with shower trays, furniture and accessories of the highest quality and with a differentiated design, while being respectful of the environment.


To become the European reference company for high-end shower trays, furniture and bathroom accessories in the markets in which we participate.


Our values are:
– Focusing on our external and internal clients.
– Commitment to results.
– Honesty.
– Sustainability.
– Integrity.
– Respect and interest in people.
– Social and environmental responsibility.