It all started with an ambitious goal: promoting innovative design, technology and state-of-the-art materials, combined with a passion for quality. Fiora’s history starts in the 80s in La Rioja with the shared vision of offering innovative bathroom solutions. For Fiora, bathrooms are at the centre of life, a personal and intimate place where materials and finishings are key for creating quality habitats that connect with people. For this reason, we became one of the first companies to use polyurethane in bathroom furniture.

Later on, we introduced textures on polyurethane, which completely changed the scene in the bathroom sector. Our restless spirit led us to explore new areas, and so we started using this material and techniques in new product categories such as shower trays, wall panels, radiators and basins. Innovation and design still play a key role in our daily activities and we always have an eye on the future to face emerging needs.



All the facilities for developing all the production processes are located in the town of Nájera, in La Rioja. The facilities cover a total of 15,000 m2, most of which are covered and equipped with the most modern technologies that allow us to be self-sufficient in most production processes. Permanent renovation and innovation in productive and management processes have allowed the organization to position and maintain itself as a reference company within the sector.

A significant percentage of this space is dedicated to research and innovation, where, as a “test laboratory”, the FIORA team spends time testing various products, experimenting with materials, shapes, colours, etc. This whole process is constantly developing, as innovation in product functionality is added to research focused on textures: shower trays, bathroom furniture panels, radiators, etc.



One of the main reasons for the success of the FIORA brand over the years is the fact that it has not lost sight of the motivation behind its creation. The same spirit of effort and sacrifice with which the company was born is still today a value present in the style of all daily actions.

The humility with which the successes achieved in the recent years have been received is the driving force that inspires us to keep working with the desire to excel in each of the projects that we start. FIORA acknowledges having brought new value to the market, but is also aware that this is an infinite path in which stopping means going backwards.